StuffLogic® Features

StuffLogic® is a feature-rich cloud solution for personal and home organization that fits right.  You can easily adjust to fit your family demands and seasons.  It’s flexible, powerful and intuitive.

Take the hassle and stress out of managing your family life and mobility with features like these:

·  Track Paper & Stuff In One Place

·  Secure Mobile Access

·  Reminders

·  No Software To Install


Find Physical Items & Digital Data In One Place

StuffLogic® organizes paper, supplies, digital data, boxes in the garage... anything you want to put away now and find later.

Wouldn't it be nice to know what's in the box in the attic or basement without having to pull it out and look through it?

StuffLogic®'s information structure is designed to help you organize, categorize, put away, and retrieve your information the way you want.

StuffLogic® is designed to be used as an organizing and identification system regardless of the the type item - physical or digital - that you are organizing.

Yes, you can use it as a filing system, but don't stop there. 

When searching, the system will highlight keyword(s) for easier identification.  You can even save the search for quick access later.

Paperless Not An Option? StuffLogic® allows you to decide what to scan and what to store physically. Scanning is not a requirement to keep your  life and home organized.


Secure Global Access

StuffLogic® is secure. With user-level permissions, you decide who sees what.  To make sure data stays only where you put it, we do not allow outside advertising on our site.
Have a vacation home?  Rental Property?  Travel a lot?
You can use this application with secure viewing and editing protocols. Your information can be located, viewed, added, and changed, while away from home and on the go.


Integrated Electronic Reminders

E-Mail reminders are sent on the date and time selected. StuffLogic® even has Recurring Reminders so you can be reminded every week, month or year regardless of the email system you use.  Set it and forget it.


No Software To Install Or Maintain

NO DELAYS.  Sign up now and start organizing now. No large set up fees, no long-term commitment.
No Extra Implementation Costs. We show you how to use the system with YOUR current information needs. It is easy to start and even easier to manage!
No need to install software on your computer or network. You have access to your information 24/7 with an internet connection.
Daily Off-Site Backup included as part of the solution.

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